Check out the much requested Swim Platform Outboard Motor Bracket here!

Safe-Skeg.  The protection or quick repair your skeg needs.

NEW Panther King Pin Shallow Water Anchor system

Panther has expanded their marine ladder offering!!


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For over 20 years Panther trim and tilts, Safe-Skeg, motor brackets and PRO series oil extractors have been a top seller throughout the United States. The Model 35 Trim and Tilt is the number one used trim and tilt on the Masters Walleye Circuit.

Within the last few years, Panther has grown its product line to include many quality accessory products. Panther manufactures the number one selling remote steering device in the world, the ElectroSteer. This now includes the new and improved Panther T5 which comes in a Freshwater and Saltwater version.

In addition to steering and lift brackets, Panther Marine Products offers a full line of battery gauges, rope cleats, auxiliary motor tie bar kits, transom savers/motor supports and anchors.

In 2014 we added a brand new product to the mix.  The Panther King Pin Shallow Water anchor system.  For a fraction of the cost compared to their powered counterparts you are able to accomplish the same goal!

For 2015 this year we have brought a much requested product to the market; a Swim Platform Outboard Motor bracket.  In addition we also added a No-Spill cap for the oil extractor and a Telescoping Paddle with Patented Adjustable "T" handle.

Check below to see our videos on our strong sellers the Safe-Skeg and our growing line of 4-Stroke Brackets.